24 avril 2012

And assaults on journalists and activists continue

Five employees were injured today in the front of the Tunisian TV headquarters in Tunis by pro-government protesters. Journalist Walid Hamrouni was knifed in his hand and hospitalised (see video below). Protesters occupy the front of the Tunisia TV building since 55 days. This is not the first time that a journalist is victim of violence during the Troika governance. Among victims we find many international media like french le Point and BBC. The new government lead by islamist conservative party Nahda is not happy with public media and media in general which didn’t reflect the government position and voters and give a bad image of the country that affects economy and investment in the country. Rached Ghannouchi, head of Nahda, announced last week that his party want to privatise public media. 

In addition, any directors of public radio station resigned today in protest of the nomination of a new managing director for Tunisian Radio. The new director is not even graduate. The former director Habib Belaid wasn’t officially informed of the decision of his dismissal and discovered that through media.  Journalist refuses government intention to control media.

Note the last Saturday and Sunday, pro-government and salafist activists attacked Jawher Ben Mbarek meeting and Youssef Seddik conference. Jawher Ben Mbarek in the founder of the movement Doustourna “our constitution”. Jawher Ben Mbarek was accused by Nahda deputy Hajer Azaiez Elloumi to be a pro-gay marriage because his constitution proposal says that every Tunisian has the right to choose his partner. Tunisian flag was replaced by salafist flag in the youth house of Kelibia.

Photo of protesters in front of Tunisia TV HQ in Tunis holding "TV7 for sale".
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