29 septembre 2011

We all are Leena ...

Few years ago, we were both assistant professor! We both had a blog. I was fearful, passive and even stupid. I hadn't even the gallantry to change some of my courses to make them more profitable to my students. All my concern was to keep my job and the salary the government is paying me at the end of each month ... I was seeing everything around going wrong but never had the initiative to change anything or protest at least.

At that time, she was shouting, screaming, writing for freedom of speech and the better of this country and struggling against corruption and dictatorship.If we are free today to say what we think and seeking democracy, we owe this to brave people like Leena and others who didn't fear tear gas, bullets and police. 

Your are really a symbol of Tunisian youth who proved by their bravery and determination to the entire world that the era of dictatorship in Tunisia has gone ...

I may don't share with you some of your values, thoughts and principals but I support you and you really worth that Noble prize ... I am proud of you Leena !!!

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